Alexander Technique
Gal Mor
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Alexander Technique is a method of improving
freedom of movement, balance and co-ordination.
It involves a process of ‘un-learning’ and changing
physical, emotional and mental habits of daily
activity. By educating the body and mind to
operate without excessive effort, the student can
experience a natural state of greater freedom and
ease. With time, these qualities grow to become a
part of every day life. Alexander Technique lessons
involve activities such as sitting, standing, lifting,
walking and more. They often leave the student
feeling lighter, happier, more free and grounded.

Alexander Technique is a method that allows
you to improve any skill in all fields of life.
That may include activities such as
sitting in front of a computer, cutting a salad,
walking and driving or activities such as playing
an instrument or yoga practice. Alexander
Technique is very helpful for people with
chronic pain as it teaches the students how to
re-aligne their spine and body by themselves
which enables them to move with greater ease.