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World of Wellbeing is a clinic focused on wellness – scientifically. We have many experienced and passionate practitioners within one clinic, offering a broad range of science-based modalities to support you in greater health. All of our practitioners are appropriately registered and insured to practice in their chosen fields.

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At World of Wellbeing we pride ourselves on using scientifically based therapies and techniques to improve the quality of life, health and wellness of our clients. We combine these therapies and services to tailor a program to ensure we can best meet each client’s personal, health and wellbeing needs. Wellness consultants at World of Wellbeing are responsible for co-ordinating treatment programs specific to the individual, collaborating with each client and referring to practitioners as appropriate both inside and external to World of Welling. The role of wellness consultant includes coaching, integrative treatment planning, facilitation of wellness therapy uses and group wellness opportunities- Sporting club/athletic, corporate workplace and executive programs.

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Yoga For The Special Children – The Sonia Sumar Method
POSTED: Saturday 23 September 2017

DATE: 23 SEPTEMBER 2017 TIME: 12:00-11:59 PM LOCATION: WORLD OF WELLBEEING Hello, During these Term 3 holidays (23-29 Sept)  yoga teachers, parents, teachers, physios and other therapists have an opportunity to study Yoga for the Special Child (Basic, Part 1), here in Canberra. This is our last chance to run this amazing course, so please […]

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